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I do believe that the creative process should be at the core of any marketing plan. Even though consumers are bombarded with advertising on so many levels today, ingenuity is still possible in both ideation and visual presentation. There are many alleged advertising professionals in Albany, Georgia who can separately build your website, design your brochures or write you a nice little article and you would probably be content with thinking you've done enough. However, you must know that your long-term success depends on so much more than an a la carte approach can give.

When you start your business the first thing you think about should not be business cards. What about a logo? The building owner says the sign has to go up within twenty days so you are in a rush and go with whatever the sign guy came up with. You had a previous employee start a facebook page months ago but now you can't get in touch with them. What is your company culture like? You want to be found on-line, so you heard you need Website Design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEM. Which is more important? What is the difference between Digital Marketing, InBound Marketing, and Traditional Marketing? Does it matter?

Hopefully, by this point you realize that your brand is scattered all over the market landscape and that you really don't have an identity. Now, imagine that you had an experienced marketing and business professional to consult with and help put all these things into place way before the exact moment you actually need them. Envision that you combined all the knowledge that you possess about your industry with all the knowledge that the consultant has about marketing your business. That sounds less stressful, right? You want more than the status quo that your competition has. If so, ask yourself the following questions.

J. Howard Marketing Priorities

How does your business measure up?

How does your brand measure up, in terms of visual presentation, informative content, and exposure? Put your logo, print, website, or packaging side by side with your top competitors and compare. Are you happy with the presentation and content? Even though your company may have a much better overall product, this is what would-be buyers see first. Online first impressions are crucial. How many times has an inferior company won in the marketplace only because their presentation was better?

Okay, lets say you look stunning, but do consumers know why your product is the one to buy? Does your content effectively communicate where your product came from, what it is, and why it is better? So many businesses neglect this, especially within their website design. Content is one of the things that separates the amateurs from the professionals. No one knows your story like you do, but having qualified copy writing help can do wonders for your words.

Now you look great with compelling content so your all done, right? Not quite. Now how do you get all this in front of the right consumers? Those new threads and clever wit will get you no where unless you are seen and heard by the right people. I know, as a business owner, just thinking about all this, along with your other day-to-day operations, can sometimes seem overwhelming. This is why you should think of marketing as a long-term investment with both immediate and lasting benefits.

Return On Marketing Investment

Marketing is an investment with proven returns. Just ask many of my clients. However, I have always believed that if you’re looking at an instant, cash based return on investment (ROI) as the only basis to determine if your marketing efforts are working, then you are missing out on all the other bundled, long-term benefits. Effective marketing can increase referrals, retain customers, and just keep your brand relevant in the mind of the public. Some of these returns, such as the emotional connection to a brand or the success of social media engagement, are hard to measure but these relationships also indirectly lead to growth in your bottom-line over time. Every business is different and has it's own specific needs but if you haven't thought of these things before, maybe you're not maximizing your full potential. Keep in mind that even small operations on a modest budget can and will benefit from the power of inbound marketing.

Why are you putting this off?

The things you have read on this page are only some of the reasons why you need a partner in marketing and business services. Creative, Intelligent Results are important to your success. Pieces of scattered advertising that you have spent money on in the past just can't work the way they are supposed to today. All types of advertising need a well-calculated and creative plan to achieve optimum success.

As an entrepreneur or member of senior management, you have to be super smart about the dollars you spend on marketing. In today's economy, consumers are more informed than ever. They are looking for something more than just a colorful ad or loud commercial when they consider where to spend their hard-earned money. Your competition is relentless. The competition has a visually compelling, content rich, digital marketing plan and a partner devoted to their success. Without this same level of professionalism, you are losing potential customers every day. Your company is not getting all you can out of every advertising dollar.

J. Howard is here to help you reach maximum, targeted, and effective exposure. If you are ready to have a partner who can help set up a marketing plan of attack for your business that actually works, then please contact us today for a free consultation.

Best Regards,

J. Howard


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